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EcoProperty / The Eco Real Estate Network - environmentally friendly property and enviro real estate we were world first establishing over 10 years ago. We aim to protect, conserve and promote environmental property for sustainable living throughout Australia and New Zealand. Sell it myself, zero, no commission, private, cheaper way to sell home, farm. For sale by owner, property selling, sell your own home, real estate agent. Our work is property and sustainability and we support all selling which best suits our clients and the property. No agent, real estate agent, no commission, commission.

Join communities already where climate change issues and more sustainable lifestyles are integral to the design and philosophy of the properties developed.

We help people to buy, sell, design and build properties and products that allow us to live in a more sustainable way. Our aim is to recognise and promote the value and benefits brought by eco-responsible property ownership and development. Our expertise is in environmental real estate as being the world first in bringing knowledge of the environmental issues, living sustainably, and property ownership and transfers.

We support property owners and real estate agents and related organisations and people around sustainability. Australia, Southern NSW, South coast, Delegate, Bega, New Zealand NZ, Buy in Rushworth, rural as well as Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, farms, mud brick, bush blocks, cohousing, eco villages, ethical financing, for sale by owner, sell it yourself, DIY, eco real estate, sell property in Australia,conservation, wildlife, eco tourism, organic businesses, bio-dynamics, alternative building and passive solar. If you are in rest of world we welcome contact from you too. Benalla, Hepburn Springs, Daylesford, Chewton, Heathcote, Newstead, Castlemaine, Hepburn, Central Highlands, Avenel, Oaklands Junction, Northern NSW, Glenmaggie, Gippsland, farms, rammed earth, energy efficiency, alternative energy, solar power, wind.

The Eco Real Estate Network provides specialists with expertise based on property, real estate and high quality customer service. This includes selection of local agents as well as cooperative activities with your preferred local real estate agent.

A proportion of fees generated from our products and services are donated to Australian environmental organisations working to revitalise land and protect endangered species. Some recent examples are here

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Visit the coast or bush for sunshine or conservation and stay with like-minded people in great locations while you learn about your hosts' efforts toward sustainability in their organic farms or eco village. Find out more…

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